Dog teams have historically played a prominent role in all Northern Manitoba aboriginal cultures as one of the main modes of transportation. Gerald Azure was raised in communities which relied on dog teams as a form of transportation, and as an adult, he has run small dog teams for recreational purposes.

Gerald Azure is the owner/operator of Bluesky Expeditions.  Born and raised in the Northern Métis Community of Cormorant, Manitoba.  He is the youngest of 10 children. His parents earned their living commercial trapping and fishing, and used sled dogs as their primary form of transportation until the early 1970’s when ski-doing came into being.

Gerald is a co-founder of the Annual Hudson Bay Quest, one of the most challenging dog sled races between Churchill, Manitoba and Arviat, Nunavut. He completed the race along with his best friend for the first time in 2005. Both mushers’ have been recognized for their accomplishments and contributions to dog sledding in the Churchill area in by Travel Manitoba Tourism Awards and Manitoba Hydro-Spirit of the Earth Awards

Gerald retired from distance racing and organizing in December 2007, choosing to focus more time and energy on his dog sledding business and quality time with his dogs and family

Jenafor Ollander is a West Coast Girl, born and raised on Vancouver Island in BC; she came to Churchill 4 years ago to do a 3 week locum as a technologist.  Well known as dog lover and outdoor enthusiast since she was a child, she went for a dog sled ride………and the rest is history!

Gerald and Jenafor joined forces in 2006 to open Bluesky Bed & Sled, uniquely decorated to reflect the history of dog sledding, guests have the opportunity to spend more time with their hosts beyond the dog yard, including visits from our retired sled dogs and walks along the shores of the Hudson Bay!
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Bluesky is committed to responsible dog care including the following philosophies:

  • A "No-Cull" policy with a Sled Dog Adoption Program;

  • Vaccinating, spaying and neutering our pets to ensure our dog team numbers are kept under control;

  • Every dog in our yard has a unique personality. Some dogs are slower, some faster we are dedicated to nurturing their personalities and spirit, and finding a place for them on the team.

  • We are committed to ensuring every dog has the best quality of life we can provide, including shelter, food and water, but it doesn’t stop there. Human contact with our dogs beyond the harness and dog yard is a vital component to a healthy and happy dog. Our dogs are very much a part of our family.

  • Churchill Manitoba is a unique place, and as responsible citizens and tour operators we endeavor to maintain the environment and the well being of our dog teams. We are a responsible and eco-friendly organization.

  • We believe that responsible tourism involving dog teams ensure both our dogs and clients are happy!

Tourists visiting Churchill to view polar bears have often commented that their dog sledding adventure was an unexpected highlight of their trip.