Catch the Spirit of the North by dog team…..add a dog sled adventure to your itinerary on your next trip to Churchill, Manitoba.

Dog sledding played an important part of the history, culture & heritage of Northern Canada and few northern musher’s remain who still use sled dogs as their primary form of transportation. There are no better ambassadors to the Churchill area than the sled dogs and musher’s of Churchill Manitoba!

Churchill is a world renowned destination spot for polar bear viewing during winter and beluga whale watching during summer. Tour companies & independent travelers from all over the world have joined us and frequently comment that their dog sledding adventure was the unexpected highlight of their trip!

Join Gerald Azure of Bluesky Expeditions for an authentic dog sledding experience. As an internationally renowned musher, he has operated his dogsled business in the area since 2001. Recognized by thousands of tourists and media from all over the world, he has an inherent gift of celebrating his aboriginal culture and sharing valuable "sled dog philosophy" based on kindness and respect for everyone he crosses paths with, especially his dogs! A man of integrity, he is known for few words, but he speaks volumes with his eyes.

A dogsled ride with Bluesky Expeditions can teach you valuable lessons about life’s challenges, and take you on a step back in time which cannot be recreated with any other ecotourism adventure in the Churchill area.

Come "Fur Wheeling" with us!

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